Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy birthday, princess olivia!

Last Saturday we celebrated Olivia's 3rd birthday  
with a Woodland Fairy Princess party.

The menu included:
Tomato/Mozzarella "Toadstool" Appetizers
Chips and Dip
"Butterfly" Sandwiches
Mimi's Potato Salad
GG's Peanut Butter Squares
Auntie Crystal's Fruit Wands
Mama's Rice Krispie Wands
"Fairy Berry Juice"
Gramma's Funfetti Fairy Cake 
and Fairy Cupcakes (Liv helped decorate!)
& Neopolitan Ice Cream
oh, and Pixie Stix. :)
Aunt Mary Jane brought pink sugar cookies with sprinkles too.

The party was lots of fun and Olivia received many wonderful gifts from
her royal family and friends.  They, of course, were fit for a queen princess! 
Every time I see her she's wearing a different ensemble.
I think she had three costume changes at the party! :)
And everyone, I mean everyone, enjoyed the fairy wings! teehee!
Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 
You will always be a princess to "Biddy" and me.


  1. SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, this is indeed a feast fit for a QUEEN IN WAITING and a full-blown queen!!! WOW...oh dearest,this is so sweet!

    Thank you for coming and I CAN'T BELIEVE you just got the castle print! I am glad.. I hope it arrived without any glitter coming off or any folds...thank you so much for your purchase and support!

    Ohhh...I start parent conferences TOMORROW afternoon into the night. I think I will most definitely sleep well on Friday night! We have conferences on Monday as well and an inservice on Tuesday, but from Wed. on, we are FREE! MAY YOU ENJOY BLESSINGS OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR THE HOLIDAY MY SWEET! Anita

  2. She is such a lovely and pretty princess!!!! Susan, what a wonderful age, 3!! Aila is 3 and gives me wonderful moments!!!!
    I wish this pretty young lady :

    Kiss her a lot for me and Aila!!

  3. What fun and pure amaze me with all your creativity my friend. Just look at that
    Sending you oooodles of love today as we head into the weekend. xoxo

  4. Good evening precious friend,

    Thank you for coming over and for your kind, kind comments! Teacher parent conferences are OVER, and our inservice is done for today. PARTY TIME NOW!!!! PEACE and GRACE TO YOU !!! Anita

  5. Looks like a great party. I miss my girls being small. Enjoy it ,it ends to quickly. Good news is I have grand babies to look forward to

  6. Happy be-lated Olivia! Indeed you are a Princess!
    And always will be...

  7. The party was ok...but those fairy fruit wands were AWESOME!!! ;) ;) ;)

  8. What a beautifully and creatively done party! Your little princess had to feel so special!