Thursday, June 30, 2011

La Tour Eiffel en rose

A gift from Crystal.
It's a bank.
A reminder to save for our dreams...


  1. Lovely and really dreamy!!! I will never forget looking at this wonder in Paris!!! Everywhere we are we can reach this beauty with our eyes, dear Susan!!!
    I wish you the best weekend ever!!!
    love, Bela

  2. SUSANN DEAREST!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO!!! Hey, my friend PEnny from Angelsdoor has the same problem where she cannot even get into her blog! May I tell her what you did? You changed your internet browser???? What exactly did you do?

    When I came in here to make this comment, it asked me for authentication....I first could not get in, but here I am! I hope this takes. Anita

  3. AHHH! IT TOOK! I am going to go tell Penny about changing the browser....I LOVE YOUR PINK EIFFEL TOWER! AND I AM FEELING FREE AND HAVING SO MUCH FUN IN MY OWN HOUSE! How about you dearest? What a school year, non?

    Oh it is so good to see you again!!! LET'S HOPE THIS WORKS!!! Anita

  4. DEAREST SUSAN! Thank you so much for the information! I was out all day and just got home. I will relay the info to Penny; we miss each other so much when one is missing from Blogland! Have a great BOSTONIAN FOURTH!!! Anita

  5. Morni' sweet friend! Yes, watercolouring is my favorite because to see the water take over the color and embrace it in its path is magic! I think some of us teachers/adults enjoy stuff more than the kids! I rather like being a grown-up child!!!