Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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But I've had it with myself! 

Unexpressed ideas are lost forever...

please bear with me as I catch up on the last month...
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Our town’s Memorial Day parade got rained out this year,
but the day turned out nice enough to cook out on the grill.
I enjoyed a relaxing day.
My girls did all the cooking, including prep and clean up! FAB!

~gratitude and love~

On June 1, the week before school got out,
tornadoes left a path of destruction 40 miles long across the state.
Too close for comfort.
Thankfully, though, we only had hail and thunderstorms.
Many are still recovering from those few minutes of fury.
I can't seem to get this picture out of my mind.
A few days later, my husband and I took the T
to Fenway for a Red Sox game.
On the way, we met a couple who live in one of the towns worst hit.
It makes you feel kind of funny and
to just get up and go about your business
when you think that a few miles away
people became homeless in the blink of an eye.
June 4th was a perfect day for a ballgame in Boston.
The weather was ideal and the Sox won. 
 I agreed to leave after the 8th inning to beat the traffic
(the Sox were winning with a healthy lead)
and we certainly needn’t have worried!
By the time we got to the T,
the game was tied and went into overtime!
They played 14 innings before beating the Oakland A’s 9-8.
We stopped for dinner at the 99 Restaurant
where Crystal works and watched the rest of the game on TV!

I can’t believe the last day of school was almost 3 weeks ago!

{ducks then}

Sometimes the end of the school year can’t come fast enough
and I was counting the days along with my class of mostly boys
(just one girl!) and eagerly anticipated summer vacation.
After a few days of curriculum development the day finally arrived
on Flag day this year!
~love those stars and stripes~
Did you know?   Flag Day, celebrated in the United States on June 14,
commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States in 1777.
On June 15th my family was delighted that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup!
On June 19 I celebrated Father’s Day with my husband,
Dad &GrandpaExtraordinaire,
and my 3 girls.
I did have a few teary moments.
Love you, Dad. Miss you every day.
My family has celebrated graduations and birthdays,
I've spent hours with my grandkids
watercolor painting, reading and playing,
and chasing the ducks.
{ducks now}
And these pics...

were inspired by
Christine at{Vista Woman}.
Take a look here.
{Your pics made me smile, Christine.}
Now, for those of you who have made it
all the way through this lengthy post,
I will leave you with this thought and photo of sweet Olivia...

Life is good.


  1. Hi Susan!
    I missed you. I know you have been busy with school ending, grand kids, helping tornado victims, ducks and just day to day living.

    Glad to put a smile on your face.

  2. Missed your lovely posts, sweet words and blessings, dear Susan!!
    Love, much love to you, Bela

  3. Oh Susan I did not know you were the 'susan' that ordered the faded rose watercolor. I am so happy you like it. Thank you for leaving a comment so I could connect the dots. I have been a follower of your blog for a long time now. I haven't been leaving many comments this past year. But I do visit. I can understand why you would be in a rut. I think many of us have just needed to step away from our blogs this year and 'live'...I know I have. The devistation from tornadoes and other natural disasters has been tremendous this year. It is hard to wrap our thoughts around it. My daughter is in NE with her Grandparents this month and they have had storm after storm with tornado warnings...still. I wish you the beauty of simplicity this summer. ox Sea tidings, Kerrie