Saturday, April 9, 2011

sunny saturday

After a busy week that included setting our
Rowan duck eggs
in a new, fully-automated (once I figured it all out!) incubator,
{We moved it up a week to avoid having them hatch during Spring break!}
Report cards,
Parent /Teacher conferences,
and our monthly
Open House
is finally here
I'm going outside
to play
in the
How are you enjoying the week-end?


  1. Dear Susan, I DO wish you a relaxing and sunny weekend! You deserve it!!!
    We have just came back from a day at the beach! Aila enjoyed the sea, sand and all the pleasures the beach gives us!! There are beautiful beaches near here.
    I wish you have a great Sunday time!!

  2. Wow, you have a monthly Open House? That plus all you other duties, makes for a busy life! Not to mention hatching eggs!

    You deserve some time off.
    Please enjoy it.

  3. I hope you do enjoy a little sunshine, Momma!!!
    I will be spending my weekend toiling away at work, as usual. On the upside, we get to wear Red Sox shirts and hats (and for me...sox and earrings) :) if we donate to Dana Farber. It's a win-win. Now if only the Sox can start WINNING!!
    I am looking forward to spending MOnday with Dayton. I heard it's gonna be 80 degrees!! :)
    We will definitely be out enjoying the sunshine.
    Love ya. :) :) :)

  4. HaHaHa!! I said "sox" and earrings. :) I mean red Red Sox SOCKS. :)

  5. MY PRECIOUS FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE in the teaching world....WHEW...we are having to deal with PARENT/TEACHER/ STUDENT-LED conferences and also state tests this week! Nine more weeks of school for us and then it is FUN IN THE SUN....hang in there dearest, I cannot wait to see the ducks that hatch out of this!!!! ANITA

  6. What fun my sweet friend...I would so love to hatch duck eggs..what a great project. Then do you give them to a farm?

    yOU did have a busy week...are you on spring break now? Enjoy your time..hugs and love

  7. That is quite the "machine".
    Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead...and hopefully some rest in there!

  8. I hope your weekend is fabulous. It sure sounds like you have earned it! Thank you sweetie for the SWEET comment on my blog about the cake! You made my week!

  9. I am sooo smiling here over your 'once I figured it all out'. I am the same kind of girl. Most of the time I cannot find the patience to even do so, hooray for Mr. Mark ;o)
    It sure does look like a clever machine though.
    Have a sweet sweet Sunday, sweet Susan xxxx