Monday, March 28, 2011

catching up

Since the last time I posted,

I have enjoyed several dinners and lunches

with family and friends to celebrate my birthday. {thank you!}

I’ve dressed to be filmed for a school promotional video

(told I must wear any color except green (against a green screen)),

and the next day wore green to celebrate the bit o’ Irish in me on St. Patty’s day!
I’ve baked oatmeal cookies with the afterschool program kids, known as

“The Producers” of what will become “HCA Gourmet,

or, the local cable network’s best film of kids cooking for kids!

I’ve scrubbed and polished ‘til my house needed it again,

and painted and decorated the guest room.

(more on that another time)

I’ve welcomed my brother for a visit,

delighted in the first day of Spring,

scraped the snow off my car on the second day of Spring,

led our Kindergarteners and First Graders on “The Lewis & Clark Expedition,”

and met with our lawyer to determine the next steps in settling my Dad’s estate and

caring for my Mom’s interests as she is in a nursing home.

I've enjoyed spending time with my brother,

pictured with my daughter, Crystal.

He leaves tomorrow.

It has been a really nice visit and I'll miss him.

{Love you, Bri.}

Now I must concentrate on The American Adventure Banquet,
(the theme changes every year) our annual school fund-raiser dinner.

There is a great deal to be done before next Thursday.

I must also “read up” on incubating duck eggs.

Our new incubator arrived last Thursday

and the duck eggs have arrived!
but never bored!


  1. You have been busy my friend...I have missed you. Now you are hatching duck eggs.. is there anything you do not do? You crazy talented girl. xoxox

    Sending you hugs for the rest of your week. xoxox

  2. Life is good when you are busy giving to others, like you do.

    Glad to hear from you.

  3. Oh sweet one, I am on spring break now and finished up our electricity fair and I AM WILD writing projects. WOW what a week that was. Now I am enjoying quiet time but then the MCAs are coming in the second week of April and then CONFERENCES....I best put on my seat belt. You had a great time!!! DUCK EGGS, hey? HOW FUN!!! I wish we were allowed to have animals, but the health dept. is strict HERE! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK, Anita

  4. Susan, dear, you have been so busy and truly happy!!! That is amazing!!
    I am sewing something to you. Tell you when I get to finnish it!!
    Have some more extra time!!
    Love, Bela

  5. You've definitely been busy! :-) Hope you get some time to rest. Have a great day!

  6. Hello Susan and a Happy belated Birthday to you!

    It sounds like your time has been a blessing all around filled with wonderful things :)

    Duck eggs? I have been hoping to get chickens one of these years. Maybe soon and then I could check into an incubator.

    Have a blessed day and I hope you are doing well.

  7. ... a SNOW day? You poor lovely ones out there. I cannot even imagine snow this time of the year, but I must say we have had it ones. Make yourself lots of warm teas, sweet Susan. A good read, a lovely magazine, you creating something gorgeous, there are many things to do on a day like this.
    Love to you xxxxx

  8. We will have to go on many photography expeditions this Spring and Summer now that Uncle Bri gave me a new cam and a private lesson. ;)
    The banquet was so much fun!! What a wonderful success for HCA! :)
    LOVE YA!

  9. Holy Smokes!! You are wearing me out just reading all you are doing!

    That is the cutest little Lois & Clark expedition I have every seen!

    And I am glad you had a good birthday!!!

  10. Sweet Susan! Thank you for coming to visit! Oh my spring break was so wonderful,and yesterday I went back to school. It was a good day, but parent conferences start up again and we need to be strategic about how to go about it; with 100 parents, we simply CANNOT repeat the initial conference model...that was too long and tiring! So with 10 weeks of school left, we have much to do....standardized tests are next week!

    HAVE A LOVELY DAY!!! Anita

  11. Hi sweet friend..just came over to wish you a blessed weekend. hugs.

  12. Darling friend! YOU CAME!!!!! You can take a slice of cake to your brother!!!! HAPPY DAY TO ALL, Anita