Tuesday, November 16, 2010

twinkle STAR of the day...

Sweet Olivia turned 2 on Sunday.

She was fighting a cold...

but she rallied for all the FUN!
She tried to blow the candles out, but instead she kept blowing her bangs up!

She loves to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star,"
so that became her birthday  party theme...

Opening cards and gifts with her mom...

Grampie and I assembled the dollhouse we gave her 
complete with a doll-size birthday party!
Just like our sweet Livi girl!

Happy Birthday darlin' girl!


  1. She is a sweetpea for sure...love the sweet little dollhouse...I want to move into it!

    Hope all is well my friend...sending you some extra love for the week.


  2. Oh Sweet!
    Happy Birthday dear girlie!!!
    (I think it's so sweet when little ones try to blow out candles and can only blow their hair up:))

    Enjoy another wonderful year.....What a fun age!

  3. She is adorable, Susan!!! God bless her and give her much health and light!!! You family is bright and so pretty!! My sweet Aila is here beside me looking at your images and saying she wants the cupcakes and the stars!!!rsrsrsrs...LOVE! Much love for all of you!! Bela.

  4. NOW HOW CUTE IS THIS....and that little dolly house...Susan, you are a great and awesome grandma!

    She is just precious! Anita

  5. I takes a lot of practice to blow out birthday candles, but oh, how cute to see her bangs flip up!
    Her dollhouse will be a family heirloom, for sure. How special that you made it for her.
    I can see why, she is precious.

  6. Susan my sweet and wonderful friend out in New England!!! Dearest, my voice was getting better, and is now on the fritz AGAIN!!! I best have a pot of tea because my conferences start TOMORROW! Oh dear, what to do but get lots of rest tonight! What grade do you teach?

    Thank you for your wonderful comments and yes, we do all share such a wonderful gift and thank God for this tool of technology to reach out and bless each other!

    I so love that little doll house for your little precious....many blessings to you dear friend, Anita

  7. I love the photo of her blowing her bangs. Hope she is feeling better by now.