Monday, December 7, 2009

winter wonderland

Last night I added a few strands of pearls
 (long pearl necklaces I found at the thrift store)
to our Christmas tree.

I'll add a few more, I think.
I like it.

We awoke this morning to find a winter wonderland!

So sunny and beautiful!

In the afternoon, my friend, Holly and I
attended a wreath~making workshop.
(Her nephew had won two tickets and didn't want them. )
And Holly invited (lucky) me!

I had to pay a few dollars for
but I think it's just what my wreath needed!
 more and more


  1. Your tree is so lovely with those pearls..what a great idea..we set up ours yesterday..I have black jewel garland on mine for the first time. I kinda like it but because the tree is green they are a little harder to see. What a fun weekend you had. I adore your wreath. Oh please please send some of that lovely white snow our way. My girls so so want some and so do I.
    Thank you soooooooo much for the little link on your you have a little button I can add up to mine...I call them love buttons and I have a few but would love one of yours. If not I could take that sweet bird of yours and set up a link. I will for sure add you to my sidebar favourites. Have an amazing week..I am off to school! Only two more weeks to teach and I am off for Christmas

  2. The little bird is the perfect addition to your beautiful wreath! How fun!! We got a light dusting of snow here too and it's just so festive at this time of year!!

    Your tree really does look wonderful!

    :) T

  3. Just came over to tell you how to get the falling snow on your blog..but you already figured that one looks so lovely on your background is too light. Send some of the really stuff my way please.

  4. Your page is snowing!!!! Now THIS is snowfall I can get on board with!!
    Your Christmas tree is lovely as always and the little bird is the perfect "you" touch to the wreath. :)
    Happy Holidays!! :)

  5. Just noticed the Lady Cardinal. "Will you be my friend?" HAHAHAHA!!! Love it!!

  6. Oh, is this beautiful - i love your winter wonderland!!!!!!!! Everything looks so lovely and i hope it will be snowing soon, here in Bavaria ;))! Thank you so much for your sweet comment - yes, you can take the makes me very proud!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, Hugs Jade