Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josh Groban Concert

Last week a friend gave me 2 tickets to the Josh Groban Concert.  
Thanks Aaron! :) 
So Andy and I drove to Lowell to take the T to TD Garden in Boston.

It was a wonderful concert.  
Josh Groban has a phenomenal voice 
and I loved his interaction with the audience.
 He asked the audience at the beginning of the show to text him questions.
One girl asked "Will you sing with my sister?"
 This is what happened~

I don't know who she is, 
but she was fantastic!

Of course, "You Raise Me Up" was the final encore and highlight.
A nice way to spend an evening...
What was the last concert you attended?


  1. Love Josh but haven't seen him in person.
    What a thrill for everyone to hear her sing with Josh.
    Did you text him a question?
    If you did or didn't, what would you send him?

  2. Dear Susan, I could not watch the video...oh, what a pitty...I will try to later!!
    Much love!! Bela

  3. I don't even remember where or when or who I saw, but Josh Croban is a must see and that song, YOU RAISE ME UP would be all the more reason to see him! HOW ARE YA DEAREST????? So good to see you post!!!! Enjoy this month for time is ticking away for us! Anita

  4. my last concert??? country fest with my sissypoos??? i have been to so many concerts over the years...there's nothing better than live music. :) i really loved the cello music at church this made me want to learn how to play!!!
    i'm glad you guys had fun!
    i wanna sing with josh groban!!! :)

  5. How fun to read this post. Not only because I'd love to attend a Josh Groban concert, but it took me back to last fall when I was in Boston for the first time. Went to Lowell one day also and then took the T to TD Garden to watch the Celtics play! Oh how I loved Mass:) Thanks for sharing this, although I can't get the first video to play...